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Just Corpz™ revolutionizes the ability to conveniently access products and services exclusively from businesses that are committed to positive social and environmental impacts.


do we achieve
this mission?

• Just Corpz is an eCommerce platform that allows consumers to shop ethically with the same convenience as Amazon.       


• Consumers that are looking for services or local brick-and-mortar stores could identify and locate them through the app utilizing location services.


• Businesses will be screened and verified through our system prior to being featured. Badges will be awarded to businesses based on verified social or environmental endorsements.

Using Mobile Phones


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"I love the progress, it is impressive, the idea has HUGE potential and there is a lot that can come out of it.

Keep up the good work and I would suggest checking more European markets like here Hungary, Budapest is a pretty new market now for such innovations.

Your project is one of the best projects I have reviewed so far and has excellent KPIs, well done."

- artive.tech

"I think you're on the right track considering the speed at which you are going. It's undoubtedly bright for you ahead. You have my 👍."

- quatre.finance

"Nice e-commerce site with a great unity of purpose.

Your weekly sessions are commendable.

Hoping your planned web designers would assist with an uplift to project your final site to the level it aspires."

- CarDataNG

A Message From The Founders

"To live and survive, we have to buy goods and services. Let us come together and make sure our time and money are going to the right places. 

The goal is to have enough small businesses that we can rethink how we shop/ look for services. Eventually, this site will be divided by state as well as a national data base to show local and national representation for small businesses/ entrepreneurs that are pro- choice woman owned/ LGBTQIA+/BIPOC owned. 

Let's make finding these businesses easier. Changing our shopping habits and switching to small pro- choice woman owned/ LGBTQIA+/ BIPOC businesses can save lives." 

- Tori & Sav


dual portrait 4.jpg

Left to Right: Savannah Porter & Victoria Porter

Photography By: Kelly McDougall